Flow Assurance

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SGB offers a large selection of flow control chemistries. Whatever the application- injection, production, or deposition- SGB has a product to suit your needs.


SGB’s foam assisted lift line offers blends of foaming chemistries to assist in increasing production by unloading the well. SGB’s foamers come in a variety of temperature stabilities and can be combined with corrosion inhibitor and/or scale inhibitor for a complete treatment application.

Scale Inhibitors

SGB’s scale control agents inhibit mineral scale formation and deposition by limiting scale crystal growth and size. Our scale inhibitors control all major oilfield scales, including barium sulfate, keeping your wellbores clean and operating. SGB’s scale inhibitors come in a variety of concentrations and temperature stability, allowing for individually tailored applications.

Scale Dissolvers

SGB is proud to offer our line of scale dissolvers and converts. When acid insoluble scales form, costly drill-outs, or complete tubular replacement may be necessary. However, with SGB’s scale dissolvers, many of these costs can be averted. SGB’s scale dissolvers remove acid insoluble scales such as- calcium sulfate, strontium sulfate and even barium sulfate. Our SRD-170 has already saved operators hundreds of thousands of dollars in barium sulfate removal costs. Reach out today and let SGB help with your scale removal project.

Iron Control

SGB’s flagship iron control agent is AID-26. This proprietary product is pH neutral and works at sociometric concentrations. Unlike acid, AID-26 works by irreversibly breaking down iron scales to a particulate level that they can either be produced away or move freely in an injection formation. Because of AID-26’s impact on iron scales, many of the SCOR products are blended with it, to allow for maximum application optimization.

Paraffin Control

Paraffin control can be one of the toughest production challenges a producer faces. That is why SGB spent considerable time and effort creating and perfecting our PARENE line of products. Specialized solvent blends, dispersants and inhibitors help control and eliminate wellbore paraffin deposition. PARENE products have been field proven in some of the most extreme paraffin producing environments. Tell the hot oiler to take a vacation, because your paraffin control program just got better with SGB.

If you would like to learn more about how SGB products can work for you, take a look at these case studies.

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