Lab Services

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Lab Services

SGB provides a wide range of lab services, allowing for data driven solutions to complex problems. Located in Midland TX, SGB’s analytical lab allows for quick turnarounds of routine analysis such as:

  • Complete water ion analysis
  • Scale Formation Prediction
  • Oil Analysis- including wax appearance temperature
  • Corrosion and Scale Inhibitor Residual Concentration
  • Solids Identification
  • Corrosion Failure Analysis
  • Corrosion Coupon Analysis

SGB can run more complex screening and qualification testing such as:

  • Emulsion Breaker Screening and Qualification
  • Scale Inhibitor Loop testing
  • Scale Inhibitor Minimum effective concentration testing
  • Scale Remediation Simulation
  • Paraffin Cold Finger Testing
  • Foam Assisted Lift Product Selection
  • Injection Aid Qualification
  • Corrosion Screenings via RCE, Kettle Testing, Jet impingement, and Wheel Test
  • Defoamer Qualifications
  • Biocide Efficacy Studies

This is not a full list of SGB’s capabilities; at SGB we tailor testing to your specific needs, and likely have the testing method you need to help maximize your assets potential. Reach out to an SGB expert today to help guild you to the most effective and efficient testing solution to meet your needs.