H2S Scavenger

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SGB offers traditional MEA triazine products, however with constraints in the market during 2020 and 2021, SGB knew we could develop something better. With over 2 years of development, SGB is proud to offer our GB line of H2S scavengers.

The GB line is blended at SGB headquarters in Midland TX, with reaction of this chemical to begin in 2023. They are pH neutral H2S scavengers, repeatedly shown in the field to outperform triazine, and SGB’s proprietary GB line does not produce solids as a reaction byproduct with H2S – like triazine does. The GB line is fast reacting and non-scaling and can be applied at temperatures and pressures encountered in the O&G industry.

Reach out today so SGB can demonstrate this remarkable product on your assets today.