Specialized Applications

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SGB offers the chemistries you need to get your well flowing. We offer comprehensive lines of friction reducers, biocides, gels, and gel breakers. We also offer chemistries to suit smaller workovers and re-completes. Our wide range of formation cleaners, acids and specialty surfactants can bring your well back online better than it was before. Whether new, old or just needing a cleanup, SGB has the stimulation chemistries to get the job done.

Water Conformance

SGB specializes in water conformance chemicals. These are chemicals which can reduce the amount of water produced in especially de-water operations as well as tertiary oil recovery projects. Working with operators, SGB designs a chemical application package to decrease water production and return wells to more profitable production volumes.

Acid Remediation Additives

SGB offers a wide range of acid additives to both extend the life and effectiveness of the acid itself as well and improve the overall longevity and completeness of the overall job. SGB’s FCU-140 has been utilized to not only significantly improve acid job longevity but also forgo the need for workover rigs entirely. Let SGB help you get the most value from your chemical spend and reach out today.

Casing Repair

SGB proves a range of casing repair resins and polymers that can be pumped into casing stabilizing it and reducing or removing any unwanted production zones from leaking into the wellbore. Casing leaks can result in costly production losses as well as allow incompatible fluids to wreak havoc downhole. SGB provides a cost-effective solution for casing repair without the need for costly workover rigs and new materials.

If you would like to learn more about how SGB products can work for you, take a look at these case studies.

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